About Us

Overview of Company


Hotel Emporium is a direct manufacturer of premium hotel amenities. We specialize in products for your guestrooms from the essential to the luxurious. We take special interest in assisting you in finding your signature amenities – products that reflect the unique qualities of your establishment and ensure your guests’ return. In addition to having our own design team and manufacturing capabilities we have also pre-selected the best vendors in the business, making us your one-direct source for all guest amenities and guestroom items.


Our Mission

Hotel Emporium is a company with amazingly talented employees dedicated to understanding and exceeding our clients’ expectations. We founded Hotel Emporium in 2002 with the mission to truly elevate the standards of the hospitality industry. From the start, my motto and goal has been six small words: “Quality and Service You Can Trust”.When we started this journey as employees in the hotel industry, we knew that our number one priority was the satisfaction of our clients. That philosophy has remained the core of our company as we have expanded onto five continents, serving clients from Hawaii to New Zealand and everywhere in between. The Hotel Emporium model continues to captivate leaders in hospitality through our combination of first-class service thattargets our clients’ individual needs, and pricing among the most competitive in the industry. Today, the opportunities are greater than ever. Places of accommodation around the world are depending on brand loyalty along with recognition, and we have the expertise to act as your very own amenities concierge. Our in-house design team allows us to capture a hotel’s individuality and channel that essence into unique, customized amenities.

As a family-owned business we aim to preserve and protect our planet for generations to come, which lead to the development of our eco-friendly amenity collections. We continue to innovate creative new products, elevating the hospitality industry and setting a higher standard of excellence that will continue to inspire our children and children’s children for years to come.I invite you to experience all the world-class services that Hotel Emporium has to offer, and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Board Of Directors


Product Development

Hotel Emporium has a vertically-integrated manufacturing process where we produce all levels of tube, bottle and soap production from farm to factory. Farm refers to our raw material suppliers such as our RSPO-certified palm noodle suppliers and factory, meaning our state-of-the-art production facility.

High-Performance Development & Manufacturing

We have the capability to produce 220,000 empty tube components and 250,000 vegetable-based soaps on a daily basis in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Unlike other manufacturers, we produce all components in-house including caps, tubes, and bottles (PET / PE / HDPE / LDPE).


Package Development

Our in-house design team can execute any product to your desire. We offer a range of sustainable packaging options from soy-based ink and paper packaging composed of post-consumer recycled material to Eco Pure, an organic additive which renders plastic packaging biodegradable.